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Blake Morrow
USD/NOK: Chart Of The Day By Blake Morrow - 2 hours ago

When USD/NOK broke the 9.2000 level, the bears were squeezed and squeezed hard. We rallied today above the 200-day moving average before pulling back and closing below the 200-dma. But we are also at...

Kathy Lien
Feeble Recovery In Currencies By Kathy Lien - 4 hours ago 5

Currencies and equities attempted a comeback Thursday after selling off sharply this week. While currencies rebounded, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which rose nearly 300 points intraday, failed...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: No Sign Of A Reversal By Al Brooks - 11 hours ago

The EUR/USD forex market on the daily chart closed below the bottom of its 8-week trading range. Today is 2 days after the breakout and it is the follow-through day. It is therefore important. A 2nd...

Scott Barkley
GBP/CHF Channel By Scott Barkley - 12 hours ago

GBP/CHF Bullish: We are currently at 1.1806 in a channel to the upside.  We have convergence and we are looking for a continuation to the ATR target at 1.1874 and then the 0.618 Fibo at 1.1989-2000...

Jeffrey Halley
U.S. Dollar Climbs On The Rush For Cash By Jeffrey Halley - 14 hours ago

Investors Give US Dollar Thumbs-Up The US dollar rallied again overnight, notably outperforming pro-cyclical currencies as investors appear to move aggressively into US dollar cash and selling down...

Alexander Kuptsikevich
Dollar Rises On Recovery Doubts By Alexander Kuptsikevich - 15 hours ago

The US dollar returned to growth yesterday afternoon, but this time stock indices failed to accompany it.   As might be expected, the simultaneous growth impulse for the dollar and US markets is...

Blake Morrow
USD/MXN: Chart of The Day By Blake Morrow - Sep 23, 2020

Not only did USD/MXN break the 200-day moving average, but it broke the channel resistance that has kept the pair under pressure since the highs in March and April. It also pushed past the 50-day...

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: Increased Chance Of A Big Trend By Al Brooks - Sep 23, 2020 1

The EUR/USD forex market on the daily chart broke below the bottom of the 8-week trading range today. So far, the breakout has been small and the EUR/USD is holding around the bottom of the range. On...

Gregor Horvat
USD/MXN In For A Pullback By Gregor Horvat - Sep 23, 2020

A big five-wave decline on USD/MXN came to an end, as price started recovering from the 20.82 level in impulsive fashion, and also broke above the trendline connected from April highs. This now...

Denis Gramovich
Currency Forecasts By Denis Gramovich - Sep 23, 2020 2

EUR/USD: an entry point EUR/USD once again failed to overcome the resistance level and now is falling to the strong support line at 1.156. From this line I expect the price to reverse the trend and...

Scott Barkley
GBP/JPY Reversal By Scott Barkley - Sep 23, 2020

GBP/JPY is currently at 133.87 after making the turn to the upside. We have divergence and are looking for a continuation to the ATR target at 134.05. Watch the USDX for direction. The ATR for the...

Jeffrey Halley
U.S. Dollar Continues To Strengthen By Jeffrey Halley - Sep 23, 2020

The US dollar continued its upward march overnight, sending a warning sign to equity markets about “buying the dip.” On Tuesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell testified on Capitol Hill,...

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