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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Gold 31Dec99NL0006.148.10+0.51%16.11K11:29:00 
 SOCIETE GENERALE CAC 40 X10 31DEC99FR0011.0.0190+0.00%024/04 
 SG Call 11.44 EUR ORANGE 31Dec99FR0012.0.400.00%005/03 
 SG Call 35.36 EUR TOTAL SA 31Dec99LU1357.0.120.00%011/03 
 SG Call 43 EUR AIRBUS GROUP 31Dec99LU1383.9.640.00%004/02 
 SG Call 54.08 RENAULT SA 31Dec99LU1248.1.060.00%004/02 
 SG Call 57 EUR DANONE 31Dec99LU1299.0.670.00%004/02 
 SG Call 58 SANOFI-AVENTIS 31Dec99LU1476.3.250.00%004/02 
 SG Call 6 CREDIT AGRICOLE 31Dec99LU1383.2.260.00%004/02 
 SG Call 65.52 CAP GEMINI 31Dec99LU1357.2.90+0.00%003/03 
 SG Call 68.64 EUR ORPEA 31Dec99LU1428.4.170.00%004/02 
 SG ZT NYMEX LS CRUDE 09/16 31Dec99FR0013.51.200.00%006/04 
 SG ZT WTI Fut 5X Lev Ind 31Dec99FR0013.1.18+0.00%003/03 
 SG ZT WTI Fut 5X ShLev Ind 31Dec99FR0013.0.42+0.00%018/03 
 SG Call 16.64 EUR AXA 31Dec99FR0012.0.93+0.00%010/03 
 SG Call 18.38 EUR ALSTOM 31Dec99LU1357.5.150.00%004/02 
 SG Call WTI CRUDE 31Dec99FR0010.2.47+0.00%021/05 
 SG Call ICE BRENT 05/12 31Dec99FR0011.20.00+0.00%005/06 
 SG ZT Brent x 5 Short 31Dec99FR0011.0.030.00%004/02 
 SG ZT GOLD 31Dec99FR0010.137.700.00%005/06 

Germany - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 ING Call 1.861 EUR CB 31Dec99DENG16.2.330+5.91%012:16:00 
 Dresdner Bank CO2 EmissionsrechteDEDR1W.20.380+0.59%012:16:00 
 DZ ZT Kupfer LME Endlos 31Dec99DEDZ0C.46.130+1.90%012:34:00 
 DZ ZT Gold Endlos 31Dec99DEDZ0B.158.270+0.04%0.87K12:34:00 
 DB DB Liquid Commodity IndexDEDB2D.37.290+1.80%011:58:00 
 Bayerische Gold 31Dec99DEHV2X.15.79-0.19%012:30:00 
 BNP Call MSCI Colombia 31Dec99DEAA2R.26.950-1.86%012:20:00 
 BNP DJ Stoxx 600 Cyclical Goods SerDE8274.17.260+0.06%012:20:00 
 BNP DAXplus Maximum Sharpe Ger TRDEAA0K.84.420+0.21%012:20:00 
 BNP Call RBS Generic Drugs TR IndexDEABN9.213.240+1.56%012:20:00 
 BNP Call MSCI New Zealand 31Dec99DEAA20.54.840+2.35%012:20:00 
 BNP Call CECE Composite EuroDEABN0.11.940+0.34%012:20:00 
 BNP Call MSCI Chile Net TR USDDEAA2R.17.770+2.01%012:20:00 
 BNP Call Chile Inter 10 IndexDEAA0C.22.390+2.57%012:20:00 
 BNP Call CASE 30 31Dec99DEABN1.58.230-0.26%012:20:00 
 BNP Call 466.07 NYSE Arca BiotechnoDE1674.417.180+1.68%012:20:00 
 BNP Call 2730 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.96.5000.00%012:20:00 
 BNP Call 2457 EUR DAX 31Dec99DE7217.99.680+0.01%012:20:00 
 BNP Call 2260.19 China EnterprisesDE3426.116.950+1.64%012:20:00 
 BNP KOSPI 200 Index 31Dec99DE5715.225.4600.00%029/09 

Italy - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Vontobel 7X Long linked to DAXDEVN9A.0.751-0.92%2.79M11:29:00 
 Uni Call Italia X 7 Long 15Oct21DEHV41.0.748+0.13%10.14M11:21:00 
 Vontobel 7X Short linked to DAXDEVN9A.0.007-6.67%13.54M10:40:00 
 Uni Call Italia X 7 Long 16Oct20DEHV40.0.205+0.49%447.28K10:58:00 
 Vontobel Put VT 7XS Coffee 18Dec20DEVN9A.0.036-19.78%983.00K11:28:00 
 SG 25.06.21 FTSE x5 ShortLU9400.0.241-1.23%389.50K10:21:00 
 BNP Put FTSE MIB Future 17Dec21NL2666.0.085-1.17%695.27K10:18:00 
 SG S&P 500 TR 01Apr21LU1376.0.009-5.00%2.35M11:20:00 
 Vontobel Put VT 7XS SP 500 18Dec20DEVN9A.0.0020.00%025/09 
 Uni Put Italia Leva 7 Short 15Oct21DEHV42.0.120-0.41%1.95M11:19:00 
 Uni Put Italia Leva 7 Short 16Oct20DEHV40.0.464+0.87%262.24K11:29:00 
 Vontobel Put VT 7XS Nikkey 225DEVN9A.0.0040.00%025/09 
 Vontobel 5X Long Fixed Lever on MIBDEVN9A.1.102-0.27%76.77K11:23:00 
 BNP Call FTSE MIB Future 17Dec21NL2666.0.011+0.00%029/09 
 BNP Call Eurex DAX Future 15Dec21NL2666.0.599-0.33%30.96K11:28:00 
 BNP Put 29450 EUR FTSE MIB 18Dec20NL2667.0.620+0.00%029/09 
 Vontobel 5X Short linked to DAXDEVN9A.0.163+3.16%90.00K05:26:00 
 SG FTSE MIB TR 5x Daily RT 18Jun21LU9400.8.650-0.80%30.63K11:29:00 
 Vontobel Put VT 7XS FTSE 100DEVN9A.0.411+1.73%1.00K11:20:00 
 Vontobel Put VT 7XS XAU 18Dec20DEVN9A.0.0850.00%029/09 

Netherlands - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BNP Call 10 USD NYMEX CRUDE 03/16NL0011.19.140+0.00%003/03 
 BNP Put 909 USD QUALCOMM INC 31Dec9NL0012.0.7000.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 6498 EUR TAKEAWAYCOM 31Dec9NL0013.1.6700.00%004/02 
 GS Put 825946 EUR AKZO NOBEL 31Dec9NL0013.0.7600.00%004/02 
 GS Call 9224 USD GOLD FIXING 31Dec9NL0011.28.1600.00%004/02 
 GS Call 464 EUR KBC GROEP NV 31Dec9NL0011.2.2000.00%009/03 
 GS Call 452 EUR DAIMLER BENZ 31Dec9NL0011.1.2600.00%004/02 
 GS Call 357 EUR KBC GROEP NV 31Dec9NL0011.3.3100.00%004/02 
 GS Call 2037208 EUR BOSKALIS 31Dec9NL0013.1.9700.00%004/02 
 GS Call 2520 USD S AND P 500 31Dec9NL0013.2.3400.00%004/02 
 BNP Call KONINKLIJKE WESSAN 31Dec99NL0013.6.7700.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 24813 JPY NIKKEI 225 31Dec9NL0013.1.0700.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 24292 JPY NIKKEI 225 31Dec9NL0013.1.9300.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 23771 JPY NIKKEI 225 31Dec9NL0013.1.9900.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 2945 EUR CORBION NV 31Dec99NL0013.0.9000.00%004/02 
 GS Put 901 EUR KBC GROEP NV 31Dec99NL0011.2.6200.00%003/03 
 GS Put 3910857 EUR AALBERTS 31Dec99NL0013.8.4500.00%004/02 
 GS Put 3601143 EUR AALBERTS 31Dec99NL0013.5.5000.00%004/02 
 BNP Put 6833 EUR TAKEAWAYCOM 31Dec9NL0013.8.8800.00%004/02 
 BNP Call Crude Oil 03/19 31Dec99NL0013.2.2200.00%004/02 

Sweden - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 NBp Call x5 Swedbank 31Dec99SE0011.1.18+4.42%103.60K10:47:00 
 NBp Call Gold 31Dec99SE0011.21.07-1.45%31.92K11:07:00 
 NB Put 15800 EUR DAX 31Dec99SE0009.13.33-1.04%17.70K09:40:00 
 NBp Call Fingerprint Cards BSE0011.4.88-8.27%38.42K09:52:00 
 NB ZT 4140 USD S&P 500 31Dec99SE0010.41.10-8.81%11.59K10:40:00 
 NB Call 8.3 USD COMEX SilverSE0009.11.65-3.64%15.23K09:59:00 
 NB Call Skandinaviska Enskilda BanASE0011.5.40+11.34%3.00K04:25:00 
 NBp Call SSAB A shares 31Dec99SE0011.1.02-1.92%11.00K10:33:00 
 NB Call Fingerprint Cards B 31Dec99SE0011.66.19-8.84%0.36K09:46:00 
 NBp Call Hennes and Mauritz ser. BSE0011.4.53+1.12%23.60K11:05:00 
 NB Call 6500 EUR DAX 31Dec99SE0009.60.03-0.15%4.05K08:30:00 
 NB ZT 2230 SEK OMXS30 31Dec99SE0010.70.14-4.80%4.63K10:36:00 
 NB Call Africa Oil 31Dec99SE0011.5.12-2.48%1.40K05:33:00 
 NB Call MINI GULD NORDENT 7 31Dec99SE0009.55.18+1.19%2.09K08:50:00 
 NB Put 2400 SEK OMXS30 31Dec99SE0009.238.14+0.00%025/09 
 NB Put 960 NOK OBX InternationalNO0010.180.260.00%028/09 
 NB Call MINI GULD NORDENT 14SE0009.89.39-0.12%0.22K11:07:00 
 NB Call 91 SEK Getinge AB ser. BSE0009.124.450.00%025/09 
 NB Call MINI GULD NORDENT 8 31Dec99SE0009.57.62+0.00%025/09 
 NB Put 416 SEK Boliden 31Dec99SE0010.79.820.00%025/09 

Switzerland - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 VT Swiss Research Basket CallZ44AAV160.400-0.99%0.31K10:10:00 
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